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We now accept payment by Credit and Debit Cards, whether you are in South Africa or not, using a Secure 3D website called PayGate. Once we have calculated the total for your order, we send you a PayBill by email.

PayBill is an e-billing system that seamlessly allows us to send you an electronic bill for payment without compromising the security. It is the ideal solution if you want to  pay by Credit or Debit Card.

   How PayBill works:

  • We Create a bill using the PayGate Merchant Portal
  • PayBill will electronically send the bill to you via email, with a link taking you to the PayGate page.
  • Click the link and follow the steps to insert card details.
  • Once the details have been inserted you can confirm
  • We receive notification that payment has been made and dispatch the parcel.


We continue to accept Bank Transfers for customers in South Africa