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Anthony Padovano

Padovano tells the story of Merton’s life through his books, journals, and poetry. He explains the thinking behind Merton’s writing and how both express the spirituality of our age, helping you understand more about Merton, about God, and about the effect both can have in your life.
“Padovano creatively situates Meron’s life and work within the context of literary history and American culture.”
- Daniel Horan, OFM
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The Seven Storey Mountain 
An Autobiography of Faith

Seven storey mountain is one of the most famous books ever written about a man's search for faith and peace. 
Paperback 467pp R320.00



A Life of Thomas Merton
Revised Edition
Jim Forest

This absorbing pictorial biography of Thomas Merton - revised for the fortieth anniversary of his death - tells the story of the extraordinary Trappist monk whose writings
have exerted a profound influence on millions. 
"The best introduction I can think of to Merton, his life, and work." - Robert Lax
"If you have to read one book about Thomas Merton, this is the one to read. It is concise, insightful, complete." 
- Paul Wilkes
Paperback 262pp R341.00  

Precious Thoughts: Daily readings from Thomas Merton
Fiona Gardner

Thomas Merton wrote to people of all faiths and none; he wrote to people who were searching, and those who were firmly established in religious orders; he wrote to students, peace activists and ‘ordinary’ people who had read about him and were curious. Some are letters of spiritual direction, a sharing of spiritual insights and social concerns, some more personal. In this carefully selected collection, Merton scholar, Fiona Gardner, has focused on extracts that seem to speak to all who are searching. They have been chosen because they offer an opening into something other – to provide a way into both silence and contemplative prayer.
Paperback 175pp R155.00

Thomas Merton, Edited by Jon M. Sweeney, Foreword by Michael N. McGregor

Thomas Merton's lectures to the young monastics at the Abbey of Gethsemani provide a good look at Merton the scholar. A Course in Christian Mysticism gathers together, for the first time, the best of these talks into a spiritual, historical, and theological survey of Christian mysticism—from St. John's gospel to St. John of the Cross.
The study materials at the back of the book, including additional primary source readings and thoughtful questions for reflection and discussion, make this an essential text for any student of Christian mysticism.

2017 pb 235pp R354.00