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Understanding and rethinking South Africa’s prisons
Babychan Arackathara, MSFS

Preface: Archbishop Brislin; Foreword: Trevor Manuel
“Lock them up and throw away the key”is a cry we hear often in South Africa today. Fr Babychan, a Catholic chaplain to some of some of the Western Cape’s most notorious prisons, shows in this compassionate reflection on his work, even criminals have stories, and crime invariably has roots. 
This book will be helpful for all chaplains, social workers, families of prisoners and everyone concerned with reconciliation and transformation.
2019 pb 210pp R207.00

The Struggle for Freedom
Stephanie Kilroe

Anne Hope is well known as president of the ecumenical lay community, The Grail in South Africa, as co-founder of the acclaimed Training for Transformation programme for community development, and for her important work in the struggle against apartheid. Less is known about her dramatic and inspiring inner journey. Here, drawing on unique access to Anne's diaries and prayer journals, Stephanie Kilroe sheds light on this previously hidden life and her struggle for freedom and wholeness in herself, in vocation, and in love.
2019 pb 155pp R175.00




Collected Writings
Sister Mary David
Foreward by Fr Erik Varden

Sister Mary David Totah was a nun of the Benedictine contemplative community of St Cecilia's Abbey on the Isle of Wight. American by birth, she was educated at Loyola University, the University of Virginia and Christ Church, Oxford. After a distinguished teaching career, she entered religious life in 1985. For 22 years until her early death from cancer she guided the young nuns of her abbey with enthusiasm, wisdom and wit.
The spirituality to be found in the pages of this book demonstrates to the reader why her influence should have been so great and so deep. Her notes to the novices deal with issues of relevance to a world beyond the cloister: What is the meaning of suffering? How do we cope with living with people who annoy us? How do we relate to a God we cannot see? How do we make the big decisions of life?
2019 pb 188pp R266.00

Finding Jesus in a Cape Town ghetto
Pete Portal

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – often described as a kind of heaven on earth. But for the majority of its inhabitants it is hell. Ghettoes are everywhere, and for those living in Manenberg – a coloured township on the Cape Flats, purpose-built by the apartheid government as part of its forced removal plan – life is just as marginal today as it was during apartheid. The main differences now are the rampant drug use and widespread gang presence.
No Neutral Ground is the gripping account of Pete Portal’s move from London to Manenberg, of addicts and gangsters meeting Jesus and being transformed, and how he went from living with a heroin addict to helping establish a church community – and all the heartbreak and failure along the way. This is a story of mighty works of God, as well as relapse, hopelessness and despair; the miraculous and the mundane, heaven and hell, all balanced on a knife edge.
2019 pb 271pp R305.00

Making Disciples, Raising Up Leaders with Alpha
Ron Huntley & Fr. James Mallon

Can Catholic parishes become communities of missionary disciples that bear lasting fruit? If so, what does it take to move them in that direction? Through his years as pastor of Saint Benedict Parish in Halifax, Canada, Fr. James Mallon discovered that the answer to the first question was a resounding yes! Tailored for Catholics, Alpha played a key role in the transformation of the parish he pastored. Unlocking Your Parish: Making Disciples, Raising Up Leaders with Alpha aims to provide insight into what Alpha can do to help any Catholic parish become a vibrant, mission-focused community.
2019 pb 156pp R390.00