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Daily reflections for Lent
Nicholas King SJ & Annemarie Paulin-Campbell

The new Lent book published by the Jesuit Institute South Africa!
“This book of Lenten reflections is an attempt to help you, in the next six weeks, to make the long journey to the Resurrection with Jesus, and a long journey into the depths of your own heart. It will, hopefully, be a tool which will help you reflect, grow, deepen and rediscover the wonderful gift of Resurrection that Jesus, on the cross, opens to all of us”
The reflections cover each day of Lent, Holy Week, to the 2nd Sunday of Easter
2018 pb 125pp R100.00

“A true South African story”
Reggie Karam

This book tells the story of the author (a Maronite Catholic) growing up in Mayfair, a tough cosmopolitan suburb, where Lebanese, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Jew, Indian, Coloured, Black and of course Afrikaner, all mingled together. The book follows the author’s humble beginnings; being of Lebanese descent, his family struggled to be accepted as South Africans. The psychological effects of power, violence and aggression during those early years lived within the author. This is a fascinating story; an account of circumstances leading to drugs, violence and a triple murder involving despair, faith, hope and courage, guilt and innocence. 
“As a retired accountant, not an author or writer, I was nagged by my children who kept saying, ‘Dad, you have a story to tell, so tell it.’ We all have a story to tell; this is mine”
Author, Reggie Karam
2017 pb 137pp R235.00


Praying through suffering into joy
Larry Kaufmann CSsR

Fr Larry explores the grace of the Holy Spirit at work in very human realities such as depression, illness, suffering injustice, loneliness, addiction, and relationship breakdown. Each chapter includes practical suggestions for prayer.
2017 pp 84pp R70.00

Essential Writings
Selected with an introduction by James Keane

An excellent introduction to the person and writings of James Martin, SJ for those not yet acquainted with his work. And for those who have read some of his work, a reminder of his friendliness, intellect, wit, and practical, accessible spirituality.
“This book is a treasure trove. It has all the depth and simplicity, the clarity and compassion, that we have come to expect from James Martin’s wonderful writing.”
Timothy Radcliffe, OP
2017 pb 244pp R285.00

Three moments to change your life
Peter J Vaghi

Msgr Vaghi takes us to the Upper Room in Jerusalem and describes three historically and spiritually significant events that transpired in this sacred place. In so doing, he inspires us to look for Jesus in the “upper room” of our own hearts, following the Lord in prayer, worship, and service. As a pilgrimage resource, Lenten meditation, or simple spiritual enrichment, you will be led to a deeper appreciation of the Last Supper, post-resurrection appearances, and Pentecost - that profoundly shaped the early life of the church. 
2017 pb 116pp R240.00

Inspiring words from Pope Francis

The writings, homilies, prayers, talks and even tweets of Pope Francis in this book gather his most important and inspiring words about Mary. For Francis, Mary is an icon of wisdom, strength, courage and joyful hope. He speaks of her not as an idea but an intimate experience. 
“Mary models for Francis the missionary, merciful attitude every Christian is called to develop, of patient listening to the will of God, and courageous confidence in his designs.”
- Austen Ivereigh, author of “The great reformer: Francis and the making of a radical pope”
2017 hc 183pp R368.00

A history of the Christian City beneath Pagan Rome
James Spencer Northcote

Enter into the shadows of the Roman Catacombs, where early Christians attended Mass and hid in fear from Roman soldiers seeking their death for refusing to renounce the Christian faith. With maps and illustrations in these pages, you’ll see that the architecture of many crypts was as elaborate as buildings above ground, creating under the streets and fields of Rome a second city - indeed, a Christian city in the very heart of pagan Rome - graced with broad underground tunnels and large rooms where assemblies could be held. Here the history of the catacombs is retold from their creation to their eventual decline, loss and then, hundreds of years later, their rediscovery.
2017 pb 152pp R241.00

Gretchen Crowe, Editor

Without a doubt, one of the most familiar and beloved prayers within the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church is the Rosary. But do Catholics today have a clear comprehension of the benefits of this centuries-old devotion?
Using the eloquent and inspiring writings of holy men and women who share a love of, and commitment to, the Marian prayer, Editor Gretchen R. Crowe makes a compelling case for why praying the Rosary is more critical in today’s 21st-century world than ever before.
This is the “why-to book” that will inspire you to reach for your rosary more often, and in doing so to receive the gifts it offers to each of us and the world.
2017 pb 156 pp R250.00

Youth Bible of the Catholic Church -
An introduction to the bible with selected texts

The newest title in the internationally best-selling "YOUCAT" series for youth and young adults, this outstanding bible features the creative elements of the YOUCAT youth catechism and the DOCAT social teaching handbook.
It's filled with engaging photos, clever and fun illustrations, insightful sidebar quotes from great thinkers, saints and leaders, past and present, and young people living their faith today. It includes helpful introductions to the books of the Bible and short, easy-to-understand commentaries. Plus, an index of biblical names, terms, and topics.
Based on the Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition, the YOUCAT Bible carefully abridges the biblical text to help young people to follow the "story" of the Bible. It also includes a special preface by Pope Francis.
2017 pb illus size 15.3x22.8cm R475.00