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Scott Hahn

The extraordinary vision and panache of Scott Hahn’s books have made Catholic theology thrilling and accessible for millions of readers inside and far beyond the boundaries of the Church. In First Comes Love, he not only reflects on the nitty-gritty of life, love, relationships, marriage and family but shows how the family draws us into the mystery of God.
In recent years we have seen the family, as an institution, in decline, often portrayed as a place of repression and fear rather than of openness and love. Most marriages end, bitterly, in divorce. Yet, argues Hahn, our only hope of regaining happiness and wholeness lies not in attacking the family but in a recovery of our understanding of the family as the heart of God’s plan for creation.Theology and biblical interpretation take on the excitement of an adventure story is this irresistible and often moving reflection on love, the family, the Trinity, and the Church.
This new edition includes a new chapter by the author.
2007 pb 210pp OUT OF STOCK

A guide to the Beatitudes for Christian Couples
John Bosio

The exhortation to live the Beatitudes in our christian life is not something new. But many will find new insights and suggestions on how to live them in 'married life', in Bosio's Blessed is Marriage. 
To facilitate reflection and practice, readers will find in each chapter: practical steps, in the section "Where Do I Start?"; and two sets of questions - one as a guide for private conversation between the spouses, and the other, for sharing among couples in a group. 
Blessed Is Marriage is a sure help to deepen the couples' relationship with God and with each other - leading to strong marital relationship, and a healthy, happy married life. 
It is Bosio's wish, that the readers "read these pages and listen to God's voice. With Jesus' help, learn to sing God's love song and to dance to its rhythm. You will find joy in your life and in your marriage." 
2012 pb 133pp R110.00