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Over 150 Easy-to-use Gospel plays for children
Carol Camp Twork

What better way to take to heart the Sunday gospel than to speak the lines of Jesus, his disciples, and his enemies too - and to perform their actions?
These gospel plays for every Sunday gospel in all three liturgical cycles, A, B & C, are intended to be used each week in RE classes either on Sunday or during the week.
The plays are most suited for middle school students, but can be used with younger and older students too. Little or no staging directions and props are needed.
The plays are mainly based on the actual words from the scriptures for that day. 
Included for each play are two or three discussion questions to help children understand and incorporate the message into their lives.
A recommended resource for your catechetical library!
1999/2016 pb 227pp Out of stock

Read-aloud scripts for young Christians
Suzanne Barchers & Charla Pfeffinger

Teach the bible with words and actions youngsters can understand - here are memorable, read-aloud scripts for young Christians who are reading at first and second grade levels. 
Each easy-to-implement, reproducible script adds energy and excitement to your Children's Ministry, Sunday school or Day of Reflection/Retreat
Based on favorite New Testament stories, each of these 13 plays is intended to be performed with minimal props, costumes and staging.
What's included: reproducible script, scripture references, summary of each story & staging tips
Several scripts call for audience participation and creative movements that get everyone involved in the action.
Requiring little preparation, these lively scripts bring the bible to life for young Christians.
Contents include: Mary rides a donkey to Bethlehem and Jesus is born; Jesus is lost in Jerusalem; Jesus is baptized by John; Jesus calms the storm; Wedding feast at Cana; Jesus comes before Pontius Pilate; The stone is rolled away
2008 large format pb 48pp R147.00

Fun and creative ways to bring the bible to life
Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND

Children remember what they hear, see and say, but they remember best what they do. That is what this resource is all about.
It's a ho-to-book for teaching scripture that is packed with hundreds of exciting classroom ideas. And it gets children "doing".
From dramatization to creating scriptural art, from playing bible games to motions in response to scripture, from choral readings to scriptural payer, all the activities described here are easy to carry out, involve the whole child, and nurture creativity as well as love for scripture.
Each of the thirty chapters presents a general method to lead young Catholis into scripture, such as:
- proclaim the Good News
- personalize scripture
- delve into symbols
- use quotations and stories
- study the Holy Land and maps
- add humour to scripture
- research biblical topics
- apply God's Word to life
- simulate bible events
- read the bible
- pray the scriptures
An excellent resource for your Teen Catechetical library!
2010 large format pb 135pp R192.00